Advice about the legal aspects of works of art: problems regarding the accreditation and authenticity of works of art, assistance in the safe sale and purchase of works of art, how to declare artistic heritage, how to increase the value of a work of art, how to transport a work of art to another country, and many other issues regarding works of art.

How can I prove ownership of my works of art?

How can I increase the value of a work of art?
How can I take advantage of the value of other people’s works of art?

Can I lease or assign my art?

How can I donate works of art to my children and save on tax?

Is there a safe way to purchase art?

Can I use a piece of art to pay tax? Or to pay off a debt or use as a guarantee?

How can I make sure that the works of art I am going to leave in my will are genuine? Is it advisable to accept a piece of artwork as inheritance without verifying or valuing it beforehand?

How do I apply the special tax (in Spain: IVA)?

I’ve been cheated in a transaction involving a work of art, what can I do?

A piece of art that belonged to me has been stolen, what can I do?

If I sell a work of art, what increase in assets does that mean for my tax declaration? Do I have to pay capital gains tax?

I have discovered that a piece of artwork I own is false, what can I do?

I would like to sell my work of art, how can I ensure I get the best price possible?

How can I retrieve a work of art?

How can I share a work of art among various people in the event of necessity or divorce?

How do I know if the art I own is artistic heritage? And how do I declare it?

How can I find out if my piece of artwork is genuine?

What precautions should I take when buying art at an auction?

Can I transport my works of art to another country? How?

What are my works of art worth?

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